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Limes – voyages de frontière
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Limes – voyages de frontière

exhibition at the Médiathèque
20 March - 6 June 2015

opening 19 March, 6 p.m.

presentation by Andrea Cinel on the 17th of May, 11 a.m. at the Médiathèque

with films by Herman Asselberghs, Sofie Benoot, Ursula Biemann, Pieter Geenen, Till Roeskens, Shelly Silver, Sarah Vanagt



Under the Roman Empire, limes could refer to both a fortified border – natural or artificial – and a way leading towards new territories to be conquered. If capital, goods and services circulate freely on a global scale today, many people are held back by borders, whether historical, political, economic or cultural.

In the exhibition Limes - voyages de frontière, a selection of videos from the collection of the Argos Centre for Arts and Media (Brussels) and from the Médiathèque FMAC (Geneva) invites us on a trip down 20th-century history, combined with a topography of border zones and a reflection on their inhabitants’ state of mind. The experience of demarcation and of a journey is at the centre of the exhibition: the artists live the limes, travelling along it in order to understand how the border between here and elsewhere is lived, represented and questioned.

curated by Andrea Cinel
in collaboration with Raphaël Cuomo and Maria Iorio


stills from Capsular, Herman Asselberghs, 2006; Performing the Border, Ursula Biemann, 1999; Begin Began Begun, Sarah Vanagt, 2005 (from top to bottom)